Have you ever thought if the monsters exist? I have never thought about it. Although it is a true that I never liked to sleep with the wardrobe’s doors opened and, it is true that sometimes I have looked under my bed before on lying there and falling asleep. Still yet, my rational part always asked how these creatures could exist. Nevertheless, when the light turned off, I imaged an emaciated body on the floor, coming to me, yearning for my death. Once I asked the reason to look under the bed, but… would it be possible that something fell from the roof when everything was dark? Since that moment, I always lie on bed, with my eyes wide open, surrounding by darkness and I cannot stop thinking that there is a huge mouth on the roof, coming closer, wanting to eat me.

Even with all these thoughts, I have never believed that monsters existed… until now. Why do that images come to our minds when we think about that word? Why do we look for in the supernatural? I don’t know, but I do know that they exist. No, don’t look for a creature that drags itself wishing to put an end to our lives. Neither a huge mouth which wishing to eat you. We only have to look around and we will realize that we all surrounding by them, the human beings are the main monsters in this world; remember all the wars that we have been through and that we are still living on, the desire to make suffering to those who are weaker, to those who cannot defenn themselves, the satisfaction that we find in the destruction of our environment, the cheers that the strongest receive after killed another living being.

Human beings are characterized by the rational part. Let me tell you that this is a lie, because there is darkness living in our deep inside, becoming us into monsters. We can want to run away from that darkness, we can fall into it, we can live with it… but it will never disappear because it will always be there, patient, wanting to control us.

Now tell me, what will you do with the darkness that are in your heart? Will you fall into it? Will you run away? It does not matter, just let me tell you one last thing; welcome to the monsters’ world.





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