They loved each other, know it.

He already knew it.

He knew that life was not a bed of roses. There was no light without darkness. Nor day without night. He knew that life had any colour. There was no white without black. It did not exist the good or the evil. He knew that nothing lasted forever. There was no life without death. Nor perfect solutions. He knew that there were no smiles without tears. Nor happiness without suffering. Nor freedom without sacrifice.

Yes, he knew it. He learned it in people’s reproachful gazes. In his loved ones’ rejections. In the surrounding loneliness. He learned it in the questions without no answers. In the lonely rooms. In the devastated bed. He learned it in the blood. In the deserted streets. In the latent fear. He learned it in the immensity. In the nothingness. In the emptiness.

But he also knew another thing.

He knew that there was no word out of tone without any faltering whisper. There was no scar painted on his body without a delicate kiss that erased it. None storm that lasted forever. He knew that there was no shed blood without caress that gathered it. There was no hurtful shouts without comforting silence. Nor darkness so dense that hid the sparkle of his eyes. He knew that there was no teared skin without a protective hug. There was no place where to fall without a hand to hold him. Nor fear without something to lose.

He knew it. He learnt it in the giggles. In his body’s trembling. In the look’s warmth. He learnt it in the blunder of the first time. In the acknowledgement of the tenth. In the contained breaths. He learnt it in the shadows. In the more remote secret places. In the unknown future. He learnt it in the whispers in his ear. In the tangled sheets around their bodies. In the infinite nights. He learnt it in broad daylight. In the indifference. In a new world in his arms. He learnt it in the kisses that stopped the time. In the colours of the air. In the lip of someone else between his teeth.

He learnt that the world is not understanding. Life is not fair. However, he learnt to live by his side. He learnt to say I love you without thinking about what they will say. He had not to face anybody. He just had to love him.

Se querían, sabedlo