«Merodeadoras noctámbulas»: only Luis García Montero’s quote is saved

«”THIS IS THE BEST BLOG TO PASS THE TIME!” Well, no one believes that. And, surely, “Bibliosía” will be a review about the worst  books ever written… The editor’s taste seems not very refined».

★★✩✩✩ By Celeste in Whinging Times.

«The blog Merodeadoras noctámbulas is offensive related to the good taste. The publications are ridiculous and meaningless, and the members want to look like renowned women of letters. Special attention deserves the disgusting section called “Mil y una noches”, whose editor boasts about a great undeserved self-esteem while her mind is still in the kindergarden in order to learn, fortunately, how to write before trying to show her creations to the world».

★✩✩✩✩ Por Mavichan in The Quibbler.

«Merodeadoras noctámbulas offers fresh ideas with good intentions. Thanks to the great variety, the reader can choke with the morning coffee due to the great reasons that it offers. Maybe the section “Inexperiencias lunáticas” is the reflection about that inexperienced beginner (because of the stupid tone), but without a doubt the hard work will be rewarded».

★★★✩✩ By Lunella in The Daily Prophet.

«A good blog is like a cake: excellent presentation, taste that leads to the sin and could be addictive. Well, all these things cannot be found in the blog Merodeadoras noctámbulas. It is the meaningless taken to the extreme. Special attention deserves the section “El Rincón del Cuervo”, because it could be said that Homer Simpson has more creativity than the editor who is taking charge of this and, obviously, needs therapy».

★★✩✩✩ By Rivaëlen in The Daily News.

«Merodeadoras noctámbulas is the best blog that I have found in all my life surfing the Internet. Special attention deserves the drawings that appear in each publication, they are worthy of Museum of Prado due to artist’s great skill. This is a wonder which you must not miss. By the way, I would pretend to be sarcastic».

✩✩✩✩✩ By Tinykittysoo in Brujo en Guerra.

«If you are looking for a feelings’ map or the ultimate guide to surviving corrector’s leash, then Merodeadoras Noctambulas is your place. Among its oddness, “Poeta averiada” will try to mix poetry in odd days and makes it an erotic festive comedy».

★★★✩✩ By Neis in The Daily Prophet.



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